Surinam Roaches in Florida
Facts, Identification, & Control

Surinam Roaches can be found nesting outside in Southwest Florida’s hot and humid environment. This roach seldom enters a structure. When they do so it is most like caused by heavy rainfall or high population. Surinam Roaches have a light or pale brown body with a dark brown head. They can be found nesting under mulch, potted plants, planter beds, and soil.

This pest will burrow a few inches in the ground and will emerge when disturbed or when foraging for food and water. They will lay their eggs inside their burrow and use it to feed and protect their nymphs (juvenile roaches). Female Surinam Roaches reproduce parthenogenetically. Meaning they do not need to mate with a male to reproduce. Their egg capsules or ootheca’s have approximately 30-40 eggs inside it. They are a smaller roach that grows no larger than 1 inch long. They enjoy feeding on plants and sometimes cause damage to plants as well.

Certified Pest Control of Naples approach to controlling Surinam Roaches begins with removing inviting harborage areas. Such as heavy pine straw, mulch, rocks, unused pavers, unused wood piles, debris, and other conducive conditions. We then strategically apply our specialized materials around the exterior of your home (or business). Our methods and materials are backed by our CERTIFIED GUARANTEE.