Since we're a locally owned pest control company, we understand the types of pest problems you may experience in Florida. We have developed specialized pest control services that are guaranteed to take care of the specific pests of our area. Our services put you in the driver's seat. Your satisfaction is our priority and we back it by our 100% Satisfaction Pledge

Here's what separates us:

It is common within the pest control industry to make customers sign contracts, give window frame appointment (i.e. 8am-12pm), and add extra or initial fees to the first service. Certified Pest Control of Naples believes in challenging these standards. We have set appointments, no contracts, and no extra or initial fees. Plus our method of service is discrete, virtually odorless, and we only use materials that are safest for you and our environment.

Pest Control in Naples

Keep bugs out of your home with our highly developed pest control service made specifically for Southwest Florida's bugs.

Commercial Pest Control in naples

We provide a no-prep commercial pest control service with scheduling that works around your hours of operation.

Bed Bug treatment in naples

Avoid the nightmare of a bed bug infestation. We guarantee to give you a peaceful night's rest.

Termite Treatment in naples

Protect your home from the threat of termites. Our termite treatments will shield you against Southwest Florida's termite problems.

Mosquito Control in naples

Southwest Florida provides the right conditions for mosquitoes to thrive. Our warm humid weather is inviting to these pesky invaders. Let us help you enjoy going outside again.

Rodent Control

Are you experiencing a rat infestation? Are you hearing noises in your attic? Certified Pest Control can help you choose the right rodent protection for your situation.

Enviro-Friendly Pest Control

Do you need a green pest control service without any of the drawbacks? Our environment friendly pest control service puts emphasis on non-chemical methods with the use of biological, organic, and mechanical means to trap, repel, and bait to control insects.

​Cane Toad Control

Cane toads are a threat to our pets. Protect your pets from Cane Toad with our specialize cane toad treatment.