Pyramid Ants in Florida
Pyramid Ant in Florida
Pyramid Ant Mound in Florida
Facts, Identification, & Control

The Pyramid Ant is a native species to Southwest Florida. They receive their name from the way their thorax looks like a pyramid. Pyramid ants are pale orange to brown in color, 1/6-inch-long, and have a thin or slender like body. Their nest looks like an upside-down volcano and/or is cone shaped.

There is thought to be two types of Pyramid Ants, the Pale Pyramid Ant and the Darker Pyramid Ant. The pale Pyramid Ant has a single queen nest, and the darker Pyramid Ant has a multiple queen nest. These are the nests which are commonly found outside in dry sunny areas such as the lawn, pastures, sandy ground, gardens, and flower beds. They prefer to live in warm places and their swarming alates or flying ants are typically seen fall to spring.

The Pyramid Ant likes to feed on honeydew, live and dead insects, and sweets. Certified Pest Control of Naples can successfully control these ants with a variety of specialty baits, residual treatments, or our outdoor perimeter treatment.