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It's that time of the year again- Love bug season. Because Certified Pest Control is found locally in the Fort Myers area, much like many of you, we have experienced a BIG increasing in lovebug activity. Something as simple as checking our mail has us covered in these pesky bugs. Luckily, these bugs do not bite but are more of a nuisance.

Lovebugs are a seasonal pest that make motorist and homeowners frustrated. Lovebugs are commonly found in Gulf Coast states. One of the first recorded encounters with Lovebugs occurred near the Florida panhandle in Escambia County. Lovebugs are small and black in color with what appears to be a velvety like look to them. They have a distinct red marking behind their head. It is believed that adult males can live for up to three days and females can live for up to a week. In most cases, female Lovebugs can mate with more than one male. The larvae of Lovebugs can be found living under dead plants in damp dark areas.

Lovebugs are highly attracted to lights especially that of cars. While driving, Lovebugs will hit your vehicle, its windshield, radiator, and lights. Heavy activity has been linked to clogs in vehicle radiators and can cause overheating. The body of a Lovebug is considered to have a level acid in it that can damage your vehicles paint. It is important NOT to let dead Lovebugs remain on your car for too long. We recommend washing your car within 24-48 hours of exposure to Lovebugs.

These bugs are also a huge nuisance for homeowners. It is not uncommon to step outside during Lovebug season and have them surround you within minutes. Our Certified Full-Home Service, in conjunction with other natural methods, will help to control the Lovebug population around your home.

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