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Fire Ants

The words Fire Ant probably make most people cringe and rightfully so. That’s because fire ants are known to be very militant and attack the moment you disrupt their nest. Fire ants can be extremely dangerous to people and pets. There are several species of fire ants that are found throughout the United States i.e. tropical little fire ants, red imported fire ants, etc.

Among them all, we believe that the Red Imported Fire Ant is an important species to understand because they are known to be one of the most aggressive species found. Red imported fire ants (RIFA) are reddish brown to dark in color.

Red imported fire ants are well known for the large dirt mounds that they build. Red imported fire ants are extremely aggressive and will sting when in contact with them. These ants feed on just about anything such as any organic material, dead insects, a variety of people and pet food, dead animals, and much more. It is common for these ants to invade your yard or structure, especially during Southwest Florida’s rainy season.

It is important to know that some people are very sensitive to red imported fire ant stings and if not medically treated quickly after a sting they may have a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. Please consult your doctor for more details.

Are fire ants taking over your yard, home, or business? We can help. We offer treatments that will rid your yard or structure of fire ants. Give us a call at 239-877-4041 or email us at info@MyPestProfessional.com.

Picture below is a group of fire ants floating just above the water.

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