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Pest Control in Marco Island

Part of Collier County, Marco Island is an island just off the coast of Southwest Florida. It is considered to be one of the largest islands of the Ten Thousand Islands area. Its subtropical climate is home to a large number of pests including ants, roof rats and drywood termites. 

As natives of Naples, we're up to date with the specific bug problems of Marco Island.  We want to do our part to keep the island beautiful and inviting for many years to come. That means providing Marco Islanders and visitors a pest free lifestyle using our Enviro-Friendly Pest Control Service. This service was developed with Marco Island in mind and puts emphasis on non-chemical methods of controlling bugs. 

Heres why you should consider hiring Certified Pest Control of Naples:

  • Discreet and Virtually Odorless Indoor Treatment (NO BASEBOARD SPRAYING)

  • No HARSH Chemicals 


  • SET Appointments (NO more waiting around for service professionals to show up- we give you EXACT appointments)

  • No EXTRA "OR" Initial Fees (why pay more?)

  • You will have direct access to the owner of the company! (No jumping through hoops ever)

  • Our Service Technicians are Southwest Florida Specialists

  • Our Service Technicians are Drug Screened and Background Tested

  • Our Service Technicians undergo our rigorous in-house CERTIFIED UNIVERSITY training- i.e. field training, videos, and written tests

  • Our services are backed by our CERTIFIED GUARANTEE (unmatched by any of our competitors- little to no risk for you)

  • We've built our exceptional reputation by responding quickly to pest problems and swiftly eliminating them too!

  • After hour appointments available **Limited to availability**

We look forward to EARNING your business and proving to you why our clients stay with us year after year!

Love this company! Great service at a great price.

-Martin R.

Rodent Control  in Marco Island

Rodents wreak havoc on thousands of properties each year. Marco Island is no exception. There's nothing is more important than protecting your family from rodents, such as a rat or mouse. Certified Pest Control of Naples specializes in rodent control services with advanced tactics and materials applied by professionally trained technicians.  Inspection is key to rodent control services. We believe that the most effective way to approach rodent control is by Inspecting, tracking+, trapping, monitoring, and rodent proofing/exclusions.


Our Rodent Control Service includes

Our rodent control services include inspecting, trapping, tracking+, monitoring, rodent bait stations, and professional luring tactics. Certified Pest Control also stands alone by offering automatic rodent trapping. And our Rodent Exclusion (otherwise known as rodent proofing) includes a multi-point inspection, action plan, sealing off ALL potential entry points, trapping, tracking+, monitoring, rodent bait stations, and professional luring tactics. Best of all, we back our Rodent Exclusion with our CERTIFIED 1 YEAR GUARANTEE.

Mosquito Control in Marco Island

Multiple families arrive at beautiful Marco Island each year. They come with the hopes that they can experience a piece of Southwest Florida's paradise. In fact, that's why most locals have settled there. The miles upon miles of breath-taking beaches and picturesque sunsets make Marco Island a unique place to live. However, mosquitoes feel the same as well. Mosquitoes are a nuisance here in Southwest Florida. Especially, Marco Island, Goodland, the Florida Everglades, Naples, and other surrounding areas.


There are thought to be well over 70 species of mosquitoes in Florida. This is much higher than most other states. There are several species of mosquitoes that are known to spread pathogens that can cause diseases in humans, and in some cases animals. However, Certified Pest Control of Naples is proud to offer a few mosquito control options, in addition to what the county offers, to help control the mosquitoes around your home, vacation rental, or business. 

Termite Control in Marco Island

Throughout the years of servicing Marco Island we have discovered just how much of an issue termites are to homes and business on the island. Flying Drywood Termites have made their stamp on Marco Island and show no signs of letting up. We've witness Subterranean Termites building their mud tubes right up into structures and causing major damage. If you live Marco Island and need an experts opinion, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We offer, to everyone, a complimentary termite inspection once a year. No strings attached, just an honest professionals' insight. 


It is estimated that termites cause over $5 BILLION DOLLARS of damage each year in the USA! That means that the average homeowner may expect to spend upwards of $3,000 just to repair termite damage on their home. Termite protection isn't always affordable either. We recognize that.

We will protect your home from Subterranean Termites by using our proven system at a cost that is sure to pay for itself over and over again. Best of all, our annual renewal fees are much less than our competitors without lacking quality. We can also protect your structure against flying termites (Drywood Termites) with our no-tent drywood termite treatment. We stand behind our termite protection packages and back it with our CERTIFIED GUARANTEE!

Bed Bug Control in Marco Island

We believe in challenging the standards. We offer bed bug treatment options to fit your needs and we help make the process easy. Our bed bug treatments are backed by our CERTIFIED GUARANTEE. We utilize materials and methods that kill ALL life cycle stages of the bed bug. If you're in need of a bed bug treatment, reach out to our friendly staff. Were here to help.


We offer three options to rid your home of Bed Bugs:

  • Traditional Bed Bug Control

  • Bed Bug Heat Chamber Treatment

  • PREMIUM Full Home Bed Bug Heat Treatment with our BONUS BED BUG SHIELD


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If you decide to hire us, and at the end of 30 days you aren't 100% satisfied, we will return and retreat at NO extra fee. We will continue to return for FREE until you're happy. If not, we will give you back the money you spent on the original service. 

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