German Roaches in Florida
Facts, Identification, & Control

German Roaches are one of the most widely known roaches in America.  This species is found often in Southwest Florida. They can easily infest restaurants, homes, kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, food handling plants, cruise ships, and many more food storage areas. This roach is pale brown to dark brown in color depending on the gender and is rather small, growing to be ½ inch long. They have two longitudinal lines on their pronotum (the spot right behind their head). German Roaches prefer hot and humid areas and are most active at night. Where infestations are severe, you can see them foraging during the day.

They enjoy hiding in between cracks and crevices in kitchens where a water source is nearby. This roach can also be found nesting in pantries, inside and behind cabinets, wall voids, in refrigerators, and any other dark and moist areas. They are typically brought inside the structure by produce, packages, appliances, grocery bags, and on clothing.

Female German Roaches deposit their egg capsules every 30-40 days. Each egg capsule carries 25-40 eggs inside. Within a month of being unnoticed and with more than one female German Roach, your structure can have hundreds of roaches. Well on its way to infestation in no time. German Roaches are known to cause asthma in small children when populations are high inside your home.

Once inside a restaurant or kitchen, German Roaches can become the cause of cross-contamination and food poisoning. One of the first steps in German Roach control is sanitation. Removing sources of food and water also assist in eliminating German Roaches. These roaches are, in most cases, the reason why health inspectors with temporarily shut down a restaurant until the pest problem is resolved.

If you own a restaurant, Certified Pest Control of Naples can rid your restaurant of German Roach problems and keep them away using our specialized materials and methods. We will also provide you with a sanitation report after every service. We work side by side with you to provide the best pest free experience for your guests.

For your home, we offer our German Roach Clean-Out Service. This is a highly developed service that is GUARANTEED to rid your home of German Roaches. Our approach to eliminating German Roaches begins with sanitation, exclusions, specialized materials, IGR (Insect Growth Regulator), baits, traps, and monitoring devices.