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Certified Pest Control of Naples knows you have many questions, and we've got the answers you need so you'll know that your current pest problems will soon be eliminated. Read through the questions and answers below, but please feel free to contact us as soon as possible with any further questions about our guaranteed pest control services.

Q: Is your service safe?

A: We apply the material in cracks and crevices where the insects are known to harbor. This is done for two reasons — 1. It is little to no exposure to people and pets, and 2. it’s effective.

Q: Is it safe for my baby?

A: We apply the material in cracks and crevices where the insects are known to live but your child can’t get to.

Q: What happens if my dog or cat or baby eats an ant bait station?

A: We use ant baits with a low amount of active ingredient. If your pet or baby eats the bait, in most cases it won't affect them. There is such a low level of active ingredient that your dog, cat, or baby would have to consume a large amount before they would possibly feel ill. We do not put out a large enough amount of ant bait for this to occur.

Q: Does it smell?

A: Our material has little to no odor.

Q: Is it safe for my cat or dog to be in the house?

A: The cat or dog can stay in the house while we treat. We treat cracks and crevices which are the areas that your pet can’t get into but the insects are known to harbor.

Q: What is your basic service?

A: A certified full-home service. It comes with a 90-Day guarantee.

Q: What is the 90-Day Guarantee?

A: We guarantee that if you see bugs that are alive, we will come out and do what is necessary to take care of the problem pest at no extra charge for 90 days from the original service date.

Q: What does the certified full-home service cover, and how often does it need to be completed?

A: The certified full-home service covers most crawling and flying insects. It needs to be completed quarterly.

Q: Are the chemicals you use organic?

A: Many of the materials used are derived from plants.

Q: Do you spray my baseboards?

A: No. Our method consists of a complete crack and crevice treatment.

Q: Do I have to leave the house while you do the service?

A: No. You may stay home the entire time.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Yes. We offer a 5% discount for teachers, nurses, doctors, firefighters, paramedics, police officers, and retired or active military. In addition, we offer a 10% discount if you prepay the year or refer someone to us.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: No. We have agreements only. We agree to perform the service with professionalism, and you are agreeing to pay for the services rendered.
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