Florida Woods Roach
Facts, Identification, & Control

Another peridomestic (lives outside) roach is the Florida Woods Roach. It is very common here in Southwest Florida. This roach can often be found nesting in storage sheds, barns, and other outdoor structures. This roach can grow to be 1 ½ inch long and is dark brown to black in color. Its body is oval shape and they have tiny wings. However, they are not known to fly. The Florida Woods Roach will feed on just about any type of waste or organic matter. Females will lay her first egg capsule within 50 days of adulthood. This roach has a defense mechanism where it will secrete a white to yellowish fluid that has an undesirable odor.

Certified Pest Control of Naples uses an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) method to control Florida Woods Roaches. Because roaches can become resistant to insecticides, we do not rely on chemicals alone. We utilize prevention and sanitation, monitoring devices, pest exclusions, organic materials, some residual insecticides, killing baits and sterilization baits, IGR’s (Insect Growth Regulators), and food grade dusts. We complete our application using professional equipment to optimize results.