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A Totally New Concept for Pest Control

Certified Pest Control of Naples recognizes the need to offer an option of a no-spray, non-organophosphate pest control treatment. Certified Pest Control of Naples searched for an alternative method of pest control, a new system, and a non-traditional spraying system. Contact us for the Enviro-Friendly Pest Control Treatment done Earth's way!

"Certified Pest Control is great!!! I would recommend this company to anyone interested in a knowledgeable pest control company that actually cares for their customers!"

-Ron, Ft. Myers

The Future of Pest Control

A totally new concept of doing pest control. NO ORGANOPHOSPAHATES, NO CARBAMATES, NO CHLORINATED HYDROCARBONS, and absolutely no odors inside your home or business! This new and exciting treatment gives everyone an alternative when concerned about the use of pesticide sprays in their home. The Enviro-Friendly treatment puts greater emphasis on non-chemical methods of controlling insects. This new method consists of a thorough evaluation and inspection of your home or business. Use of biological, organic, and mechanical means to trap, repel, and bait to control insects.


If you have had concerns or are opposed to the old-fashioned methods of pest control spraying treatments, The Enviro-Friendly Treatment from Certified Pest Control of Naples will meet your needs.


Many times, Insects and rodents compete with us for our food supply, destroy or damage property, and can spread diseases. You can protect your health and property from pests without compromising your environment to chemical pesticides.

No Chemical Pesticides

Certified Pest Control of Naples, using the Enviro-Friendly Treatment, done Earth's Way, will treat the cracks and voids of your home or business. We’ll also treat the windows, door frames, plumbing and electrical pipes, cabinets and vanities, and your attic. Certified Pest Control of Naples will finish the service with a nonchemical perimeter outside treatment to the surroundings of your home or business. The Enviro-Friendly Treatment will protect your home or business against most of Southwest Florida’s crawling insects for a period of up to 180 days, that’s six months of protection.


Don’t let unwanted pests spoil your Southwest Florida lifestyle. You can now protect your home or business, without old fashioned spraying methods, with the Enviro-Friendly Treatment, done Earth's Way.

Our Certified Guarantee 

The Certified Shield of Protection

We guarantee that after our services, or treatments, or system installations are completed, if you see the problem pest that has been treated for within the guarantee period given, we will come back and do any necessary treatments at no extra charge to you.