Drywood Termites in Florida
Drywood termites workers and soldiers go
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Facts, Identification, & Control

Drywood termites can be found from Florida to Puerto Rico and beyond. This species of termites a problem when it comes to controlling and eliminating them because they live within wood that is dry and do not enter structures from the structure but rather through flying inside. Once inside homes or businesses, they bore holes and begin to consume cellulose and wood materials. And, as the old saying goes, that is when the damage to homes begin. These eusocial insects were once thought of as powderpost termites or furniture termites due to their frass (feces that look like pellets) and because they were often found in furniture.  

Typically, the quickest telltale sign that you have a Drywood termite problem is by noticing wings and a pile pellets. Another way to tell is by locating the Drywood termite soldiers. This can also serve as the best way to identify this species of termite. The soldiers have a cavity on their head shaped like that of a bowl. Soldiers can grow 3 to 5 mm in length. They have a black head with a yellowish to white body. The alates or flying reproductives (flying termites) have wings and are much larger in size, growing to a length of up to 9 mm. One way to identify a drywood termite alate is to look at its wings. Their wings have 3-4 noticeable veins in them. Also, their wings are twice the length of their body and are equal in size. The soldiers will block entry and exit holes with their head.

Preventing these pesky pests starts with sealing off any entry points into your home. This is because these termites enter inside homes through cracks, crevices, gapping joints, vents, and any other structural defects. Next, it is important to use pressure-treated wood whenever possible or apply a good coating of paint on areas that have exposed wood. Once Drywood termites have been discovered, you have a few options. You can choose to complete a tent fumigation, a no-tent termite treatment, or a spot drill and treatment (when applicable). In some cases, a combination of treatment and replacement of damaged wood is necessary.

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