Dampwood Termites in Florida
Dampwood Termites (Zootermopsis) in the
Facts, Identification, & Control

Like most termite colonies, Dampwood termites have three castes- workers, soldiers, and reproductives. As their name suggests, these termites prefer to consume wet wood. The wet wood can be caused by leaks, rainfall, wood to soil contact, exposed wood siding, and any other exposure to a water source. If you are unsure whether you have Dampwood Termite activity check for the following: clumps of frass (termite pellets), galleries in the wet wood, paste, soft or broken wood. In most cases, it is best to replace the damaged wood and address the moisture problem first instead of completing a termite treatment. Some steps to follow in order to correct the problem is to look for wood to ground contact, wood exposed to the elements, wood to water contact, and if the damaged wood cannot be readily replaced then a termite treatment may be necessary.

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