Cuban Roaches in Florida
A green Cuban Cockroach
Facts, Identification, & Control

Cuban Roaches can be found in Florida all the way to Texas. This roach is pale green in color and roughly ¾ inch long. The Cuban Roach can be found nesting in bushes, trees, mulch beds, and under logs. This roach typically enters a structure through an open door or window. It is highly attracted to light and can be found in produce such as bananas.

Certified Pest Control of Naples can rid your home of Cuban Roach problems by utilizing our proven process called The CERTIFIED Process. We start by completing a thorough inspection of areas or situations that are inviting to Cuban Roaches. We then make professional recommendations on what can be done structurally to reduce Cuban Roach sightings. Lastly, we use specialized materials applied to the exterior of your home to prevent any Cuban Roaches from entering your structure in the future.