American Roaches in Florida
American Roach
Facts, Identification, & Control

The American Roach is one of the larger cockroach species found here in Southwest Florida. American roaches can grow to lengths of 1 ½ to 2 inches. This roach is identified by its reddish to brown color and distinguished wings. They are known to glide rather than fly. This giant roach was the first to be known as the “palmetto bug”.

Female American Roaches can lay one egg capsule per month. Each egg capsule or ootheca can carry 16 eggs inside it. This roach is classified as an outdoor species in the sense that it prefers to live outdoors. This outdoor species of roach can be found nesting in basements, alleyways, sewers, attics, palmetto bushes, hollows of trees, wood piles, mulch, and much more.

The American Roach is often seen inside commercial buildings and restaurants. This roach prefers warm and moist areas to live and feed. This roach is an opportunistic feeder and will feed on just about anything. It prefers to feed on sweets, decaying organic matter, fish, peanuts, paper, glue, soap, clothing, fruit, and vegetables.

Although they prefer to nest outside, the American Roach will, on occasions, infest the inside of a structure when conditions are favorable and inviting. Our Certified Full-Home Service will rid your structure and surrounding areas of American Roaches for a period of 90 days.