Protecting Businesses and Restaurants 

When customers do business with you, they assume your business or restaurant is clean and pest free. Contact Certified Pest Control of Naples for the protection that keeps your business or restaurant pest-free. Our certified commercial service offers the most up-to-date and advance pest control treatments to handle all pest problems that may occur in your business or restaurant.

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Save $50 on commercial pest control 

Certified Commercial Service – Restaurant 

Our specialized pest control methods focus on all cracks, crevices, and wall voids where pests live and breed. Other treatment areas include motor housings of appliances, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, walk-in coolers, prep tables, dishwashers, shelving, waitress stations, service bars, dining room tables, bars, display cabinets, electrical and plumbing pipes, floor drains, doors, windows, restroom fixtures, outdoor dumpsters, flower beds, mulch beds, eaves, structural defects, storage units, and other potentially risky areas.


Our certified commercial service for restaurants uses less odorous and more effective materials that cannot be easily washed away with routine cleaning. Our specialized restaurant service protects against common pest including cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, scorpions, and rodents.


With our certified commercial service, there is no open spraying and little to no odor. We offer appointment options to help work around your ever-growing business. Our service appointments can be set before opening or after closing to avoid disturbing guests.


Certified Commercial Service – Non- Restaurant 


Customers doing business with you assume you keep a clean and pest-free environment.

Certified Pest Control of Naples can provide this protection and peace of mind for you at a

reasonable price. We offer the latest, most complete method of commercial pest control ever developed for Southwest Florida, Certified Full-Home Service for Commercial offices and buildings. 


This specialized method of pest control enables our advanced thoroughly trained technicians to apply the proper amount of materials into cracks, crevices, wall voids display cabinets, electrical and plumbing pipes, floor drains, doors, windows, restroom fixtures, luncheonette counters, outdoor dumpsters, flower beds, mulch beds, eaves, soffits, outdoor construction defects, and any place a pest would hide or enter. The Certified Full-Home Service for Commercial offices and buildings is more effective, less odorous, and the materials cannot be washed away with regular clean-ups and wash downs. 


This specially designed method of pest control will provide you the most protection against Florida’s common pest such as; roaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, scorpions, and rodents. The Certified Full-Home Service for Commercial Offices and Buildings gives you the advantage of NO PREPARATION OR CLEAN UP because our materials are applied in hidden areas only, there is no open spraying, and has no or very low odor. We can service your business at any convenient time for you, even while you are open for business! 

Our Certified Guarantee 

The Certified Shield of Protection


We guarantee that after our services, or treatments, or system installations are completed, if you see the problem pest that has been treated for within the guarantee period given, we will come back and do any necessary treatments at no extra charge to you.