Certified Wall-System Plus

Wall-System Pest Control Service

Pest Tubes In The Wall

At Certified Pest Control our core focus is to put your needs first. We believe that protecting your family’s property from insects is very important. We do so by providing a wide range of professional pest control services. This includes charging the pest tubes that have been installed in your home during construction. Our state-of-the-art pest tube charging system allows us to safely and effectively inject materials into the tubes in your wall. Our Certified Wall-System Plus pest control service lets our professionally trained technicians give you the ultimate preventative protection against many of Florida’s pest problems.

Certified Pest Control’s Certified Wall-System Plus pest control service can eliminate pests by safely applying materials into those hiding areas around your window frames, thresholds, door frames, receptacles, electrical outlets, plumbing pipes, construction cracks and voids, under appliances, inside the garage- bottom inside perimeter for crawling insects & top inside perimeter for webbing spiders, pocket doors, discretely around outdoor kitchenettes & grill areas, cabinets and vanities, and any other problem area within your home or business. And our pest professionals also inject insect controlling materials into hiding areas where insects are known to live and breed inside your walls, away from your family and pets.

We then add extra protection by completing an exterior perimeter spray treatment. Outside we treat the eaves, mulch beds and flowerbeds, entryways, and up to a 10-foot perimeter around your home or business. Our Certified Wall-System Plus pest control service will provide the best available household protection against most of Southwest Florida’s crawling and flying insects for a period of 90 days.