Carpenter Ants in Florida
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Facts, Identification, & Control

FACT: Florida Carpenter Ants are not classified as wood destroying organisms much like they are throughout the rest of the nation. Carpenter ants in Florida will, however, make nests in wood that has already been damaged by moisture, but they typically do not cause the original damage.


Carpenter ants are rather large ants and can be intimidating. They have mandibles that are often used to pinch your skin or to grab their food source. Are you overwhelmed with Carpenter Ants crawling around in your personal space? Have you tried treating carpenter ants with over the counter pest products? We have the solution to your Carpenter Ant problem. Certified Pest Control of Naples highly developed method of Carpenter Ant Control can rid you of your aggravations. As the population of Florida continues to grow and building development extends into previously undisturbed land, ant sightings in homes are on the rise.


Florida Carpenter Ant identification is as follows: carpenter ants are a large ant, up to ½ inch long, with its head and thorax brown, and abdomen black. The reputation of this ant being a house wrecker is all fable. The Florida Carpenter Ant does not eat wood, as termites do. They will, however, excavate galleries in wood previously damaged by moisture, termites, or dry rot. The Florida Carpenter Ant feeds on honeydew produced from aphids, other insects, and household scraps.


The Florida Carpenter Ant nests in the ground beneath root systems, rotting logs, tree stumps, mulch beds, tree cavities or any moist area. These ant’s forge indoors for water, food, or to form a satellite colony. This satellite colony is a secondary colony to support the main colony.


Certified Pest Control of Naples will control these quick navigating nocturnal pests by eliminating the satellite colonies in your home, killing other colonies around your home and applying carpenter ant repelling materials to keep all unwanted pests from returning into your home.