Brown Banded Roaches in Florida
Brown banded cockroach
Facts, Identification, & Control

The Brown-Banded Roach resembles that of the German Roach in size and shape. This roach is commonly found here in Naples, Bonita Springs, Lehigh Acres, and Fort Myers, Florida. It gets its name from the two bands found just behind their pronotum. This roach is light brown in color and can grow up to ½ inch long. The Brown-banded Roach can be found nesting inside furniture, behind pictures, under dressers, and under tables. Due to this, the Brown-Banded Roach has the nickname “Furniture Roach”.

Female Brown-Banded Roaches carry their ootheca or egg capsule for up to 36 hours before laying it. Each egg capsule carries up to 18 eggs. This roach can cause health issues in humans. This is typically caused by producing allergens from their skin and feces.

Certified Pest Control of Naples takes an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach to controlling Brown-Banded Roaches. We utilize a variety of monitoring devices, baiting methods, and lasting residual materials to rid your home of Brown-Banded Roaches. Our proven process, The Certified Process, is GUARANTEED to provide the results you deserve.