Bed Bugs 

Facts, Identification, & Control 

To many, bed bugs are of major concern. These pests easily hitch rides into your home or business. These bugs can be picked up from hotels, movie theaters, cruise ships, secondhand stores, and more. They can be found hiding in cracks, crevices, wall outlets, behind baseboards, mattresses, box springs, lamps, side tables, behind pictures, dressers, closets, and much more. They can be found nearly anywhere.


The recent bed bug pandemic caused bed bug sightings to increase over 5000%. The spike in activity can be attributed to the increase in international traveling. Bed Bugs are sometimes referred to as “mahogany flats” because they appear reddish to brown in color and are flat like that of a watermelon seed. Bed bugs have six legs and hidden or reduced wings. After they feed their bodies swell up and become a bright red color. They are not known to vector any diseases. There are two main species that can be found here in Southwest Florida, the common bed bug, and the tropical bed bug.

Bed bugs are most active at night. Each female bed bug can lay up to 200 eggs in her lifetime. Bed bug eggs appear in clusters and are white in color. In a short period of time the newly emerged bed bug nymphs molt approximately 5-6 times before they become an adult. One interesting fact about bed bugs is that they inject a numbing agent (like an anesthetic) before feeding on your blood. A common misconception about bed bugs is that people believe that the presence of bed bugs indicates poor hygiene and that is NOT the case. Once an infestation has been found, you need to take quick action to prevent further infestations.

Certified Pest Control of Naples offers three options to rid your structure of bed bugs. Our Traditional Bed Bug Control, our EXCLUSIVE Bed Bug Heat Chamber Treatment, and our PREMIUM Full-Home Bed Bug Heat Treatment.

  1. Our Traditional Bed Bug Control consist of applying a variety of materials into precisely selected hidden areas and other infected objects. This option DOES NOT utilize heat as a control method.

  2. Our next option is our EXCLUSIVE Bed Bug Heat Chamber Treatment. This method was created by the University of Florida and proudly implemented here at Certified Pest Control of Naples. This bed bug control DOES utilize both specialized bed bug materials and heat as control methods. This option is best suited for situations where the bed bug infestation has been isolated to one bedroom. With our Bed Bug Heat Chamber Treatment, we are able to heat up one room and as that room is heating up, we can treat the rest of the home with our specialize bed bug materials.

  3. Our PREMIUM Full-Home Bed Bug Heat Treatment allows us to optimize results and guarantee to give you a peaceful night’s rest. We use both specialized bed bug materials and heat to treat the entire inside of your structure. Our professional heating equipment allows us to properly heat up your structure to a temperature hot enough to kill all life cycle stages of the bed bug.

Each of our bed bug control options come with our CERTIFIED 60 Day Guarantee. We give you the option to add our BONUS BED BUG SHIELD to any of our bed bug control options to add an extra 30 days to your warranty. Our bonus bed bug shield is also offered as a monthly preventative bed bug control service once we have completed any one of our bed bug control options.