Australian Roaches in Florida
Australian Roach
Facts, Identification, & Control

As a peridomestic roach (one that prefers to live outdoors), the Australian Roach is commonly found here in Southwest Florida. Australian Roaches resemble that of the American Roach except that they have light yellowish markings around the edge of their wings, and they have a bat shaped mark on their pronotum (the area right behind its head). The Australian Roach can grow to lengths of up to 1.5 inches and feed primarily on starchy foods.

It is believed that the Australian Roach originated in Africa. You can typically find Australian Roaches nesting under wood piles, mulch, bark of trees, and other areas of high moisture and warmth. These roaches are classified as occasional invaders and rarely infest the inside of homes unless conditions inside are favorable.

This roach is dark brown in color and is known to glide several feet much like the American Roach. A single female Australian Roach can lay an egg capsule roughly every two weeks. With each egg capsule containing 12-20 eggs. A female can lay up to 30 egg capsules in her lifetime.

Certified Pest Control of Naples can successfully provide a solution to your Australian Roach problem. We start by utilizing a baiting method for the first several weeks then finish the process by applying specialized residual materials for long lasting results.