Asian Roaches in Florida
Asian Roach
Facts, Identification, & Control

Asian roaches were first discovered in Lakeland, Florida. It is believed to be introduced into America through importing goods from Japan. The Asian roach prefers to live outdoors in shady areas. They are frequently found in citrus groves. The Asian Roach is often confused with the German Roach because in a side by side comparison they look similar. However, they behave much different from one another.

An adult Asian Roach take flight at dusk and when disturbed. They are great fliers. Unlike the German Roach which is not considered a flier at all. Because they are great fliers, they will sometimes enter inside a structure at night flying towards the lights that are on. They are not known to infest the inside of structures unless conditions are favorable.

Another defining identification mark of the Asian Roach is its color and wings. Asian Roaches have longer and lighter brown wings. Especially, in comparison to the German Roach. German Roaches prefer to nest indoors while Asian Roaches prefer to nest outdoors. The female Asian Roach will lay up to four egg capsules or ootheca’s in her lifetime. Each egg capsule carries roughly 38 eggs per capsule.


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